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Optimus Prime

My landlady kept telling me I should get a new cat. She loved my old cat, and she’s really an animal person herself. It is very true that having an animal in a place changes the place. When Ellie died, I felt very alone in my Johannesburg apartment in a way that I didn’t when […]

On resting

  Things change. Life goes on. It seems every year I marvel at just how different my life is from the prior year. The gulf between now and 2010 when I arrived in South Africa is massive. Wi-Fi was just a thing that didn’t usually work very well, and Johannesburg a scary and ugly place […]

The blur

I’ve obviously been very bad at keeping my blog up to date. I was originally going to tackle the last few months (literally August-December) as themes rather than chronologically. But then the workload required to do that was too extreme and, to be honest, much of what I wanted to talk about I can still […]

Glass half full

Winter. Not my favourite time of year. The days are short, the nights are freezing, and in the mornings at the gym I don’t feel like doing a damn thing because it’s too cold. The bars are cold; I move and move and don’t warm up, and, basically: ‘Oh the thought of it.’ Many houses […]

WBA London 2015

Ahhh the Wireless Broadband Alliance. I remember very well my first WBA in San Francisco when I was so green I probably didn’t know what capacity and termination meant in a telco sense. That event was a bit like drinking water from a firehose. I made some friends who remain friends, colleagues, confidants to this […]

African Innovation

There are two types of innovation – evolutionary and revolutionary. Evolutionary takes something existing and enhances, tweaks, or re-thinks it to make it better. Revolutionary disassembles and then reassembles in a new, and better way. Taking a concept and re-thinking how it is done and doing it better is somewhere between the two. I am […]

Five Years

Days come and days go, but some dates stick in your head forever. April 28th, 2010 is one such date – the day that I arrived in South Africa in 2010, with plans to stay until the end of the year. Well, that didn’t go according to plan. The week in which my five year […]