No one else I care about

Is allowed to be rushed to hospital.
So I like to think I’m all tough. You learn how not tough you are when you leave the hospital all choked up, not because anyone’s life is in danger but because things could have been so, SO much worse.
A lot going through my head at the moment. A co-worker, friend, and someone I rely on emotionally as well as professionally, in the hospital. A coach, a friend, and one of the few that I confided in about how upset I was about the other guy …. Also winds up in the hospital. I was feeling a bit jealous of him on Saturday as he was saying he was getting back to double and triple workouts in a day, and now he’s obviously not training at all.
Both will fully recover, so far as I know, and I’m getting back to the dual training from next week, after a REALLY bad scare this week. I was afraid I’d re-injured my back after Monday’s workout. I am still not sure what exactly I did, although that workout made me crazy sore, or how you can go from fine to ‘holy crap I can’t touch my toes without excruciating pain’ to nearly fine again and doing deadlifts in the space of 48 hours.
OK, I know part of the answer, and his name is Byron. He’s a damned miracle worker although I’ll admit to disliking therapy days because I know my CNS is going to shut down around 6pm. Cure is sometimes more hectic than the disease. Thanks to Byron my eyes started to glaze over during a webinar about integrating carrier Wi-Fi on the mobile network. No, it wasn’t the subject matter: I just couldn’t focus!
But I guess sport mirrors my work life. 9:35am Monday morning I had customers blowing up right and left. By 11am customers were fine and I had two huge new inbound leads. You know, you win some, you lose some.
Adam, our new sales guy, is literally chomping at the bit. He’s about to be released into the wild. The world better get ready.
A new intern arrived from France and in his first few hours plugged a lot of the holes in our customer database. I can only imagine what’s going to happen next.
But it’s been rough, most of our technical staff were out of the office for one reason or another most of the week and things have been manic. Just, plain, manic.
And yet, things manage to get done. Lots of things. Had our product kickoff meeting, and Stefan’s head didn’t explode. Had a conference call with a company I found overseas, and I think I may even have impressed him a little bit. Took Adam along to a few customer meetings, both of which were great, and one of which involved a road trip. I even learned about a new kind of backhaul: lasers!
What else happened? Got myself a tentative speaker slot for a conference in July, had lunch with the lovely Michelle Atagana and discussed how to get Wi-Fi knowledge to the masses (and possibly wound up with a lead on a conference), and had one of those weird moments when I was chatting with two people in Sunnyvale at the same time: one about romance and the other about, you guessed it, Wi-Fi.
Here’s the thing: as much as I like change and innovation, I also like routine. I like my people around me. I say all the time that my co-workers and gym-mates are like family. It’s not until you miss seeing some of them every single day that you learn how much you not only rely on them for what they contribute to your life, but how much you need them emotionally.
What’s up next? Big prospect meeting, company meeting, board meeting, possibly more recruitment, definitely getting Adam launched into the field, managing the new intern, kickoff meeting for our new web site, and financial budgeting & modelling. And all the stuff I didn’t get done last weekend can now happen this weekend. I hope.
Yes, this is hell week for me. I’m also managing 7-8 hours of sleep. It may be manic, but it’s manageable manic.
Honestly, I’m having the time of my life. Now if only I could sort out those blasted double unders my life would be perfect.
  • “What’s that?” “Kale.” “What?” “Kale.” “Parsley?” “Kale.” – Bronwyn & Ellie
  • “We have an interesting puzzle on our hands.” “Yes we do.” – Ellie & Stefan
  • “Well, it seems like a much better direction than the one we have at the moment.” – Stefan
  • “How are your glutes?” – Grant
  • “That came out all wrong.” – Rob
  • “The wheels turn slowly. But they do turn.” – Renier
  • “First I Googled ‘why is Wireless G called Wireless G.’ That wasn’t terribly helpful.” – Adam
  • “If the subscriber can’t pick up a reliable wireless network, nothing else is going to matter.” – Steve Hratko
  • “You know that unobtainable goal? That’s Shaolin.” – Shirmo
  • “I wish I knew why!” – Ellie
  • “He’s never been my favourite person.” – Stefan
  • “It’s expensive for everybody.” – Eran
  • “It would work for about a month.” – Stefan
  • “Either something’s wrong with your diet, or you’re not as fit as you think you are.” – Howard (that or I just really suck at deadlifts, which is my theory!) 


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