What to do

I’ve been struggling with conceits, and the concepts of conscious incompetence vs unconscious incompetence. The former is where you know you’re no good at something. The latter is where you either don’t know that you don’t know, or, worse, you actually think you’re good and you’re really not.
How do you break it to someone that they have an unconscious incompetence? No one likes having their blind spots pointed out. It’s like how do you point out that an idea is not actually going to work because you haven’t considered the complete context in which you’re operating? You’re only looking at a piece of the puzzle? Like going to gym every single day but continuing to eat like crap and drink all you want, and never get any sleep, then wondering why you don’t see the results you want.
Maybe it’s me but I find it so much easier to figure out the best way, or a good way, of getting somewhere once you know where you’re going. But figuring out if you’re going the right place is the million dollar question, now isn’t it?
Two generic problems I’ve talked about before: one is where you’re an entrepreneur and you design a product or service you would like and don’t bother to wonder what other people want. Classic mistake. The second is related, but is in the development space where well-meaning NGOs and social enterprises design these castles in the air to help/save the poor ‘beneficiaries’ without even bothering to find out if the ‘beneficiaries’ want to be ‘saved’ or ‘helped.’ It’s like if the foundation isn’t right you’re rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic or putting lipstick on a pig.
This stuff isn’t easy. What’s even harder is how to diagnose and fix all the possible things that could be broken: the team, the business model, the four Ps, the social impact. Would that it were simple …. But even explaining the complexity is a fun one. Some people totally get it, some other people can’t see it.
But it’s funny too; I got caught up in my own little (or not so little!) issues that I completely missed the impact I was having on some people who are very important to me. Yip, tunnel vision is hectic.
Anyway. My friend Susan arrived from Colorado on Wednesday. Second time in two years I’ve had a friend come to stay with me, who I have barely known before they arrived, who turns out to be very VERY similar to me. Laa-Laa can be quite wise! I’m not actually sure whether this is a good thing or a bad thing yet … we’re definitely having tons of fun two days in but I’m seeing how having another version of me can be quite …. Interesting. Like when we decided to do some 45kg cleans in my living room without a warmup (Susan was wearing a dress), or when despite both of us being a bit sleep deprived we stayed up talking until 12:30am. It’s like the ideal sleepover guest … another version of me! Who knows CrossFit and anatomy and food likes and dislikes. So yeah, we’re having fun. And we haven’t even started yet.
Things I learned this week? Qigong should not be done following ring dips. My foot position on squat cleans needs attention. People remember the shit you say. I’m afraid of power and situations that I don’t understand, and if you appeal to my ego but I don’t know why, I’m going to completely obsess over it.
  • “No. Not here.” – Kim
  • “Do you know how difficult it is to get through airport security with this many syringes?” – Susan
  • “I think as much as I think he’s underestimating me, I’m underestimating him, and he’s going to completely kick my ass.” – Ellie
  • “I know that sounds like I’m being smartass but you have to know what ipsilateral means.” – Susan
  • “I need 100%.” – Peter
  • “I hear that he’s like …. Quite possibly the best. Like a South African Jet Li or something.” – Zaheer
  • “And he’s the nice one? He doesn’t look very nice!!” – Zaheer
  • “That’s what happens when your end user doesn’t have any money. And is starving of hunger.” – Heinrich
  • “Some people are more annoying than others.” – Susan
  • “Managing and doing are hard.” – Andy 


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