And suddenly, all is right with the world

‘Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.’
I should have taken my own advice; as it turns out I think I was very highly strung in anticipation of the announcement of the Regional workouts. Now that we know what they are, I feel one heck of a lot better.
We knew going into this that the weights were going to be heavy; certainly much heavier than the Opens. And it annoyed me to no end all this talk of ‘winners’ of the Open, in our Region and others, because four of the five workouts played very heavily to bodyweight athletes. Or maybe I just got a chip on my shoulder because another gym ‘won’ the Open, and the media played this up. Well, Regionals is a whole other ballgame, and the details of our strategy, preparation, athlete assignment, etc. are obviously not for public consumption.
What I will say is that it’s going to be a hell of a lot of fun, and even practicing some of the Regional workouts ahead of time has been super fun. They picked really fun events, and again I think the team aspect is more fun than the individual. For example, on the team side event #1 has two men do 20 partner deadlifts (where they jointly pick up the bar), then 20 handstand pushups. Then the women do the same thing (with a lighter deadlift weight). Then the men do 20 handstand pushups and then 20 partner deadlifts, and then the women repeat. So here, if you have a case where either gender has difficulty with either move … you’re in a bad situation, and the team is literally held up while that gender finishes its workload.
Good stuff. I also think that if it’s possible, I was actually getting too much sleep, which caused me to have awful insomnia where I would wake up at 1am and not be able to get back to sleep. I don’t normally have insomnia so this was unusual and stressful. But I solved that problem by purposefully staying out late Wednesday night, and getting some balance in the meantime. I went out to a local beer garden called &Union to catch up with my friend Sam, but as these things go, we wound up spending most of the evening talking to some rugby players rather than to each other. They were highly entertaining, and regaled us with tales of clubhouse drinking rules, training hungover, and various other silly things that really put all of my CrossFit team-related stress into perspective.
For a few hours at least. So now I need to balance work with the fact that my mind is kind of elsewhere, and I need to be damned careful with my body. My slightly tender right shoulder & elbow are two very important assets right now. But a lot of things are really coming together all of a sudden. I credit the rest period. Then again, now is the right time. We train all year for this.
I also had one of those ‘aha’ moments on Monday. Last week, particularly Wednesday, was so over-the-top painful and I was so sore and broken down that I sometimes had to question why it is that I do this sport. It would be so easy to back the hell off, and just hit the gym 3x a week at 90% intensity and stay in better shape than 99% of the population. But then, when Chris was writing up the team workout, I realised why. The sh*t is different every day (which I guess is true for regular classes as well), and every new workout is all about strategizing the best way to get it done. There’s just something about a competition, even one in which we girls get our butts kicked HARD by the boys, that brings out the best in me.
I was also thinking that at acupuncture. I had some issue with my right oblique or the soft tissue or something …. I dunno, I would poke it with my finger and it hurt like hell. So at acupuncture of course I tell the doctor, who proceeds to put two needles in there and damned if it didn’t hurt like the dickens every time I tried to breathe. Every breath was a mission. Every. Single. One. And to add insult to injury he put a needle right into my spine somewhere … oh man. I like to think I’m pretty tough but I wanted to tell him to stop, I think the words: “Please, no more!” were on the tip of my tongue. But not really, actually. Kind of like you laugh at yourself later when the thought of quitting goes through your mind during a CrossFit workout. You weren’t really even close to doing it, but it was THAT BAD that the thought did cross your mind.
Usually I go into MindScape when I’m at acupuncture and do some visualisations or something. This time … I wasn’t able to go through the relaxation sequence. Not even close. So I just lay there. At least this was before they announced the Regional workouts so I wasn’t busy thinking about partner deadlifts, or pistols, or snatches, or squats, or muscle ups. My point? Oh yeah. I wouldn’t put myself through that torture if I didn’t have to. But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?
Autumn is here, which means the wild porcinis are in season and it’s avo season. You can get avos as big as my fist for about $1. If this isn’t heaven I don’t know what is. Dinner last night was fresh angel fish, two kinds of porcini (wild from Table Mountain and the cultivated French variety, both of which were melt-in-your mouth delicious cooked in clarified butter, salt, and thyme), steamed cauliflower, and a HUGE half an avo. I may be on a diet, and I may miss meat some days (when I’m not busy missing croissants or oatmeal raisin cookies), but I’m sure as hell not starving.
I learned a new qigong sequence on Thursday (such a cool evening – CrossFit team workout, normal CrossFit advanced class, and then qigong … who needs a social life when you have sports???). Considering that it took me the better part of two classes to learn the first one, I was happy to learn this one in just one run-through. Forging new neural pathways, right? It’s an interesting art to learn, and mastering it takes years if not decades. So maybe I’ll learn patience, or maybe I’ll give up. Time will tell. I guess if you progress, the actual level you’re at is less important than the speed of improvement.
It’s also great practice for me to leave my ego at the door and drill technique, technique, technique. I’ve always just muscled my way through stuff; and I suppose the same could be said work-wise as well. When the going gets tough, if it’s important, I usually just push other people aside to make it happen, and then get resentful. Sometimes you have to do that, I suppose, but …. Would that it were otherwise. Also, time to start taking a longer view.
When I commit myself to something, I make it happen, if it’s humanly possible. Time to stop, and I mean STOP, spending my time doing things at work to which I’m not fully committed. There, I’ve thrown down the gauntlet.
Let the Games begin.
  • “If you’re kissing someone else, your relationship’s over.” – Sam
  • “How about eating cheese with Prince Charles?” – Nick
  • “Andrew check out this new thing it’s called the internet:” – Chris (not quite as funny as the ‘damn you autocorrect’ partner deadlifts that turned into partner flash!)
  • “I like a lot J” – Grant
  • “I’m sure you will.” – Peter
  • “Two things we really like to avoid are vulnerability and uncertainty.” – Zane 


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