Vacation Begins

These CrossFit outfits can be a bit of a funny thing to the outside world. Especially the knee socks. I can’t believe I forgot in my last blog post the most amusing thing from the entire week. I was leaving the gym and I saw these two guys in a car staring at me like I had three heads. I was wondering to myself what was wrong with them and then I happened to look down at what I was wearing and I understood.
I also seem to recall a certain conversation in Los Angeles where I said I would never wear one of these CrossFit Games outfits out on the town. Well, I happened to be wearing the same outfit (complete with a huge 113 logo) on Wednesday of last week when I got home and got a message from my friend Sam to ask her if I wanted to meet her for a non-drink at &Union (a local bar). I hadn’t seen her since she was back from London so, one thing led to another and I didn’t bother to change before heading out. I did, however, put on long pants so the entire place wouldn’t stare at me.
So, never say never. Like when I titled my post ‘Summer’ and that same Wednesday it deigned not only to be cold (13 with a high of 18), but there was even HAIL. Pretty cool.
Anyway as is usual when going to &Union ran into some people I knew (note to self: do not go to &Union after training without at least fixing your hair ….). And is usual when hanging with Sam, met some interesting people, one of whom turned out to be a bit of a major local celebrity. Closest analogy I can come up with is the South African version of Ryan Seacrest: (“He’s mostly famous for being famous.” “Oh, like Paris Hilton?” “No, he actually has talent.”). I, of course, had no idea who he was. It’s always more fun that way, no? When I told the girls at work the next day, I was put right into my place.
The next evening we went to a rooftop party with Taxi Violence and an open bar. And some dangerous people. Tequila shots are always dangerous, and it’s amazing how easily one turns into four. But Taxi Violence, you might remember, is a band I was quite impressed by when I first heard them. What I apparently didn’t mention is that on the plane ride back from the United We Stand competition in Durban my teammate Grant and I were sitting next to some guys who looked for all the world like a rock band, but I didn’t recognise them. I think we even asked them if they were a rock band. Well, they didn’t really answer (probably insulted that we didn’t recognise them).
Well, turns out one of the guys from the band recognised ME, and came to talk to me after they finished playing. Now how is that for topsy-turvy world?
Friday morning we had an in-gym competition at an evil time of 8am. On a public holiday. When the entire city was going crazy partying the night before. Well, my body did not want to train on that day. I couldn’t even jump down off the box and I literally wanted to quit early into the workout. Not a good scene.
But I wanted to redeem myself the next day in the team workout except that didn’t exactly work out according to plan because for one reason or another none of my teammates was able to make it and so I spent the entire time fuming because I wished I was somewhere else on that morning, and I was in the mood for a hard workout. Obviously my competitive nature gets the better of me sometimes and even when it’s a competition that doesn’t count for anything it absolutely kills me not to be competitive to the point where I actually don’t even try very hard. I should really work on that, because that’s not the sort of attitude of a person I would want to train around, actually. Well, you can fool some of the people some of the time, right?
But Mona redeemed the day for me by coaching me at her gym on my squat clean and snatch. We did technique work of clean drops and squat snatches. It’s always good to have different coaches who know what they are doing. Case in point: I knew I was often pulling with my arms and not jumping on the clean. Turns out I was also not shrugging at all, and on the snatch when I thought the bar was coming too far out from my body it actually wasn’t. I hadn’t practiced squat snatch in literally months so it was quite nice to see how easy the positioning actually felt with light weights.
Later that afternoon I took Oriel out to a last dinner (& ice cream) in Camps Bay, and then to the airport. She’s off to Colombo next and I honestly can’t wait to hear about her next adventure. Speaking of adventures, this week was the end of the official working year for Heart in 2011. We got our new Heart Capital web site live (mine is also live but I need to write some content urgently…), and we had our official end of year party. I also took over running the Hub on a day-to-day basis because nature abhors a vacuum and a business can’t run without management. I can only hope that I can get it to profitability soon enough to find someone to take over that job because it’s not one that I particularly want. And thus my career as a turnaround specialist begins.
But things are going to be a bit different in 2012, and in a lot of really good ways. I’m excited.
I’m also thinking that I do definitely need this vacation. I even need a vacation from the start of my vacation. I was so happy on Friday we went to the beach and came home and watched a movie, then Saturday I declined several invitations to go out to this huge party that was happening and instead we went to bed at 10pm. But I was just reading this blog post and thinking to myself well, when the going gets tough do I crumble? I will usually pretend I don’t care or will even sabotage my own performance. So I plan to drink on New Year’s and so I don’t want to start my detox until then. But must I really use this as an excuse to eat ice cream, cookies, and drink tequila?
It’s raining as I write this. I’ll take that as a metaphor for washing away the things that aren’t working. Just as soon as my toe recovers (I dropped a weight on it), I’ll be back at practicing those double-unders for 15 minutes a day. Half-assed is not good enough. At least not for me. Not for CrossFit. Not for work. Not for friendships and relationships. Don’t settle. Don’t ever settle, right? If I’m going to do something I want to do it well. End of story.

  • “He was, believe it or not, which is why he is no longer.’ – Rob
  • “Well you didn’t do a very good job!!” – Ellie
  • “Colin said he thought you were interesting. But he was really high.” – Paul (how’s THAT for a backhanded compliment??)
  • “I’m already hating tomorrow.” – Paul
  • “I’m already hating tomorrow.” – Ellie
  • “But you listen. That’s what I like about you.” – Mona
  • “I’d like to see what my parents did with 50 cows.” – Oriel

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