Another day in paradise

Last weekend was a true spring weekend: the weather was absolutely stunning, both days. Not too hot, not too cold, and barely a cloud in the sky. Is Cape Town heaven on earth? Hardly. But boy, I love it here.
This is a strange blog post because I actually don’t really feel much like talking about what happened the last few days. I’m out of sorts I guess, not sure whether I’m feeling insulted, angry, frustrated, or just plain annoyed. Or, all of the above. So I’ll keep it short.
In actuality I’ve been somewhat exhausted since that Filthy 100s workout. I was feeling fine until Friday when I started warming up and realized I was actually not fine. I was so not fine in fact that I was determined to take the next day as a rest day until I heard we were practicing one of the team workouts from the upcoming competition in Durban in late October. Little did I know I would get stuck doing 100 pushups! But, it beat doing 100 wall balls, I can tell you that!
These last few days were the continuation of my facebook photo essay documenting my life in pictures. And tagging people who didn’t want to be tagged. Moral of that story is, I guess, not everyone is the same. It was an interesting week: it contained a lot more drinking than normal, and none of some people who are pretty regular fixtures in my life. So while in some ways it was very representative, in some ways it wasn’t so representative at all. Come to think of it, that the more things stay the same, the more they change. These next few weeks are going to be interesting, I think.
I got the bad news on Friday that the pain in my elbows is a minor tendonitis. It went from non-existent to decently painful with those muscle-up transitions, so thanks to some advice from Roland I found a great video on Mobility WOD that explains that the origin of the pain is actually due to poor internal rotation in my shoulder. Amazing. At least I know what I have to do to correct it, and next week is a rest week. Oddly, I was able to do some decently heavy weight power snatches Monday night without pain, and I actually think I really like power snatch. There’s nothing quite like essentially throwing a heavy weight into the air above your head (in a controlled manner, mind you!).
Saturday we had a braai at Jo’s parents’ lovely place in Fish Hoek. This was fun until it turned into a bit of a repeat of the Two Minute Puzzle EP launch where I was drinking and I was fine, fine, fine, and then BAM! All of a sudden completely smashed. But it was fun. Well, mostly. At least the food was good.
The next day I woke up to some very bright sun, headache powder, water, and we cooked up the lamb chops that somehow survived without being cooked and consumed the night before (!) as well as massive quantities of paleo ice cream which probably had far more eggs in it than it was supposed to. Leptin recovery day perhaps. But I left in early afternoon and met co-workers at Muizenberg beach. I didn’t do much other than try and catch a little bit of sun and get some salt water into my wound. Afterwards we had yet another braai at Peter & Mandy’s place. This time I didn’t drink nearly so much.
Apparently tough mental work can tax the central nervous system. This may help explain my fatigue. Goodness the mental load today in particular was rough: we spent about 5 hours fine-tuning a market research questionnaire. Getting the phrasing, flow, etc. right so as to ask the questions such that they are not leading, and will actually track back to all of your objectives is hard work. Getting the objectives right is also hard work.
Looking forward to the next few weeks, though. FutureFit this weekend, which apparently includes some hardcore lateral thinking sessions. I could really use that right about now. That and some sleep. New co-worker starting next week, which is (after Monday) a rest week, followed by Rocking the Daisies, then the Commonwealth Games weightlifting champs held here in Cape Town. Will be exciting to watch Mona compete, and meet a bunch of other athletes from around the world.
  • “You can see that everything in your life is moving to a higher level hey? Cool.” – Debbie
  • “There’s an abundance coming.” – Debbie
  • “Live like there’s no tomorrow, folks.” – Peter
  • “Remind your self that while you are not putting in that extra work, someone else is!” – Chris
  • “And he’s still alive?” – Jobst
  • “I love how you are strictly paleo after litres of fucking wine.” – Jo
  • “I didn’t realize what we were dealing with here!” – Jo
  • “I’m surprised you don’t whine more, actually.” – Jo
  • “Well you can’t have EVERYTHING!” – Jo
  • “I think this is better. Oh no. NO.” – Jo
  • “It’s not really a problem. It’s only a problem because …  – Yeah. It’s a problem.” – Ellie (I love when I say stupid shit)

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