Quick update

Because I’m behind and need to get to bed now.

Sunday: yoga, work, Wayne’s place (he was sick and we chatted about his business ideas, and met his family on Skype sort of!), 27dinner @The Wild Fig. Not so great talks followed up by a cracker of a presentation on good customer service by Yuppiechef. Chatted about entrepreneurship, passions, boxing, CrossFit, and why everyone went home so early on a Sunday night.

Monday: Exco team meeting, off to Philippi for a meeting to prepare the PEDI board meeting the next day and discuss the next steps around the GrowZone there. Team meeting. Deadlifts and Diane @CCF (lifted too much weight….). Dinner, made presentation for PEDI board meeting.

Tuesday: easy morning workout (power snatch, scaring my coach by saying knees-to-elbows hurt my shoulder: “THEN DON’T DO THEM!”, easy metcon), noticed that the sharks are circling, prepped for PEDI board meeting, off to Cape Town Civic Center Podium Block (weird name, the building with the satellite-dish-looking sculpture on the roof) for the PEDI board meeting. This was interesting, not sure what will come of it but got to present what we’re doing at FoodTents to a bunch of government bigwigs, including the Chief Whip of the DA and the head of planning for the Western Province. Sunel: “I am *so* glad you did that presentation!” Paleo dinner @Beluga (there’s a first time for everything and hey, I learned that the sashimi salad is pretty fantastic!), if looks could kill I would have accidentally killed the waitress for taking my water glass before I was done, sleep.

Wednesday: sore back and hamstrings, kept weights light on the cleans. Roland made me do the most absurd workout to keep me from pushing myself hard, I was only allowed to do wall balls when someone else was doing them, the rest of the time I had to be jogging. SLOWLY. Jobst even laughed at me. Out to Philippi GrowZone with GreenPop. Back to the office, then out to the South African Institute for Entrepreneurship to discuss their training programs. No further comment. Check-in on newsletter strategy. Yoga, then work, then to bed early.

Thursday: rest day, out to Philippi for a meeting with Abalimi/Harvest of Hope to discuss possible collaboration with FoodTents. Great meeting. Back to the office, then quickly back out to 4Di Capital, to Harvest Share to pick up my peaches and figs, back to the office for a check-in and off to chiropractor in Camps Bay to have my back corrected before the competition Saturday. To the gym quickly to foam roll and give a birthday hug to Chris, and get some burpee technique coaching from Wayne, and then to the Sidewalk Café for a fantastic dinner at an outdoor table with a lovely, lovely friend. Couldn’t help thinking what a beautiful city we live in. I got it all today: Devils Peak from the N2 inbound, Devils Peak from Newlands side, Camps Bay in late afternoon, City Bowl and Table Mountain in the late afternoon sun @CCF, sunset in Vredehoek with a view of Lion’s Head and the stadium at Green Point. Stunning. Some FreeMind work around FoodTents and to bed early.

Friday: woke up with tons of energy (8+ hours of sleep 2 nights in a row!). Chatted in the boardroom a bit and discovered that the coffee we were drinking was a few months past its best by date. Out to Philippi for another meeting between the community and GreenPop. Misha loves trees the way I love food. True. Meeting with a potential kindred soul from the States, bought some protein from the café because my smoked fish was past its best by date, check-in on Hub systems, and a few hours of planning to-dos around FoodTents with Pete. Took off early to get to the advanced class @CCF and strategize about tomorrow’s workout #2. Deadlifts and pullups. Home to prep food for tomorrow, and eat as much as possible. Call from my boss around 8:30pm.

This has been an interesting week; some extreme ups and downs. Nervous in anticipation of tomorrow’s competition I suppose, so in a way a very good thing to be distracted by work.

So my latest Facebook status update asked what character from Greek mythology people most identified with, and who I reminded them of. I was vacillating between Atlas and Sisyphus for myself but my first friend to reply came up with Atalanta. Now, check the statue and painting in the lower right: she even looks like me! But I would never be so stupid as to let some man beat me by distracting me with apples. Apples are, of course, a metaphor. So I wonder what are my apples? And am I really that easy to manipulate?

• “That’s the best Android phone I’ve seen so far.” – Justin
• “I’m disappointed in all of your answers.” – Peter
• “You have learnt.” – Ebrahim
• “This is not England. This is Africa.” – Nomonde
• “Oh yeah. Welcome to South Africa, girl!” – Phumzile (this came after “Hectic” and “Hectic, yeah.”)
• “Nothing is as it was before.” – Pritam
• “Systemic global change. That’s all we need to do.” – Peter (yes, he really said this)


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