It’s always darkest before the dawn

Different day, different format. It’s about time for me to go plow through some more of A New Earth, and then get to sleep but here are some things that have been rolling around in my head today:
• Sometimes you can accomplish more by doing less (chaordic design makes more sense the more I learn about it and the older and, perhaps? wiser I get).
• Maybe this kundalini yoga thing works best when you need it most – for the first time today I was actually suddenly overcome with emotion (anger, actually, followed 15 minutes later by sadness).
• A burning platform is both a good thing and a bad thing.
• Looking forward to Camps Bay sunset on Wednesday.
• I’m running low on fish oil.
• Who knew it could take so long (30 minutes, and I’m not kidding) to get an ATM card? Good heavens….
• Occam’s Razor, and the most likely thing to happen is usually what does.
• Is caffeine actually a mood-enhancer, or is it just the additional blood to the brain? Along the same lines … the placebo effect is strong, even when you suspect that it might be in play.
• My friend was right Saturday (twice, and just in this part of the conversation): 1. I am letting other people affect my thinking too much, and 2. I should worry less about what other people think.
• Oh that image? The computer virus I defeated today. It infected one of the Purple Heart computers and I’ll be damned if it wasn’t a clever-ass thing – wouldn’t let you open things where you might be able to disable it (i.e. Regedit or Task Manager!). It even messed with the boot sequence to make it harder to load Windows in Safe Mode. Anyway totally not my job but once the thing impressed me with its sophistication I was determined to defeat it!
• Yes, I really am a nerd.
• Could I be happy working for a purely for-profit enterprise again?
• Which is more powerful, doubt or hope?
• I really miss milk.
• I really love this shirt that Laa-Laa sent me. If only I could wear it every day.
• Fresh date balls are quite possibly one of the best things ever. Of course, they are also almost pure sugar.
• There is a lot of wisdom in The Matrix.
• Wisdom doesn’t necessarily come with age; some of the wisest people I know are younger than I am and I sometimes think I am wiser than people much older (well, I guess there are just some older souls and some younger ones).
• Being able to turn off each outlet with a wall switch is actually a fantastic feature.
• My floor is very dusty (I was rolling around on the floor for a while … if you don’t know why you’re not in the cult and it really doesn’t matter). And I really need to get this shattered window fixed, so that I can clean and have it stay clean.
• I sure as hell hope Frank Lloyd Wright was right.
• Walking on water is dangerous. So is the ego.


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  1. OK – part of my post Thanksgiving resolution is to comment more on your blog so here goes. First of all, I really like the bullet-point style that you used and the mix of thoughts ranging from the profound to the mundane. This gives the little-thought people something to grab onto and perhaps reach for bigger thoughts. Perhaps not every entry should be like this (some things go better in narrative form), but this particular entry worked well.

    Could you ever work for a for-profit company? I’m guessing it would be a hard adjustment for you. There is so much ratiionalization that many of us have to go through to get up and go to work, which you would have to re-learn. I wasn’t happy with “because they pay me” so I learned not to think about such things. However imagine a world where doing good was profitable – to the point that making any sort of profit without doing good was nearly impossible and largely pointless. Right now that sounds like the sort of world that hapless time-travelers get sent into so nobody knows how we get there. Perhaps someone will figure out how to come back to our time and tell us.

    Switches on every electrical outlet. Neat idea. Of course the switches would need to be placed where they could easily be reached, and you might see energy consumption cut. For that matter why not put the outlets themselves at a height that wouldn’t require bending just to plug something in. On a similar line (and perhaps making a point on simplicity), I’m pretty much amazed by my microwave. It uses no power whatsoever when not cooking, and has a knob. turn it clockwise for more cook time, counter clockwise for less cook time, and one can adjust it even when food is cooking. It can be used by children too young to know their numbers with minimal training, and by people with a BA in computer science with no training whatsoever. OK it doesn’t have a clock – but who needs a clock on a microwave? It’s not like you set it so you can wake up to fresh-popped microwave popcorn.

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