Ever feel like you’re running as fast as you can just to keep in the same place? I suppose that isn’t entirely fair because things are definitely happening and a lot is going well but something feels somewhat off. Maybe it’s the lack of alcohol. More likely, I didn’t sit down on the weekend and really plan, and I am now feeling the results of that.

OR not having internet for the fourth day now at work is taking its toll …. I am running out of bandwidth quickly on my personal internet which is not a good thing. I think much of the city of Cape Town is having problems; lots of people are complaining and the wireless network is quite slow. It’s not really clear. Well, welcome to Africa I suppose; I was talking to some of the guys in the office yesterday who were commenting that when I go back to the States it’s going to seem like paradise to have uncapped, high speed internet. Probably true! I am also looking forward to a good pumpkin beer. Driving on the right though, now that’s going to be weird!

I think heart is a little bit like CrossFit: never the same day twice! Today ranged from scheduling the incubation of our latest social enterprise (aka my latest baby) to photographing some social entrepreneurs to weekly status meetings to a Purple Heart branding and marketing discussion. Oh, and then I sat down to my emails.

Similar story yesterday: spent a lot of the day planning for our big Hub launch event at the end of the month, and doing some Purple Heart planning with our newest hire. I then had to run out of the office to go to the marvel of American-style consumerism that is Canal Walk (it’s a shopping mall. A really big shopping mall that aside from the brands being different could literally be in Los Gatos) to register for the Impi Challenge race that I’m doing on Saturday, assuming that I am healed. The line was absurd! I think I had to wait about 25 minutes, which was a bit annoying but it’s life I suppose.

Speaking of healing, I had a session of muscle activation/trigger point therapy last night with one of the women at my gym. That ranged between extremely painful and being really ticklish, which she remarked was funny because what she was doing was applying some hard pressure and not tickling. Considering how darn sore I am today, I would say she is right. My goodness.

That’s probably (hopefully) why I felt so weak this morning at the gym; I even had to reduce my weight for the workout because I felt tender in one of my muscles and figured discretion was the better part of valor and risking injury was not very smart. Yesterday, all things considered, was a better day: some genius decided that 3x row 500m would be a fun workout for a Monday. Well, I did row my first sub-1:50 time at 1:49.2.

In the spirit of recovery, time to get to bed!


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