Currie Cup, and Recovery

Well, the recovery is continuing apace. I woke up Saturday in a lot less pain than usual, looked at the workout on the web site and thought I might not be able to do some of the exercises in it. However, once I warmed up the pain went away almost entirely and I was able to do everything although not quite with the “invincibility” I am used to. I’m only human, apparently. After the workout one of our coaches showed me how to use a kettlebell to work on the tightness in my stomach. Ahhh, pain!! It’s just amazing how tightness in my stomach can cause excruciating pain in my foot! The body is a funny thing.

One of my friends came over and we went together over to the Old Biscuit Mill. I am not going to be able to go for a couple of weeks, so I really needed to stock up on meat. Just as I was telling her that it was pretty well impossible to go to this market without running into someone you know, we saw one of the guys from the gym. No comment there!

Speaking of meat, I’ve gotten really into chicken livers recently. So when we saw duck liver for sale at the Neighborhood Butcher I was very excited. Now I have some in my refrigerator, I just have to figure out what to do with it!

Then in the afternoon a group of four of us made our way over to Newlands to watch the Currie Cup semifinal game. Just before that we watched the second half of the Sharks-Blue Bulls game (these teams are from Durban and Pretoria, respectively) from a bar. I think this may be my first time going into a bar and watching a game and not having a drink. Apparently the game was running late and the stands were quite empty because there was an attack of bees (lest you think I’m making this up you can find the article here). The Province fans were a bit scandalized – something about “real men” playing through an attack of bees. Ha. Anyway in what was a surprise to most people, I think, the Sharks won that game.

So Western Province was playing the Free State Cheetahs. I am compelled to comment that Province has probably the ugliest uniform I can think of off the top of my head. I also wonder why this team doesn’t have a name like Blue Bulls or Sharks or Cheetahs … just … Province. Strange. Anyway, whatever, so this was my first game not in the standing section. It was a bit more subdued. Next time either mid-field seats or standing section again, with the real fans! The game was pretty terrible, actually, as a sporting contest. At one point Province was up 31-0 before getting a little sloppy and the Cheetahs scored a try. But, I guess it’s ok to attend a lousy game as long as your team is the one winning! I have to say though in comparison to, say, a Patriots playoff game the atmosphere was disappointing. Then again, when the Patriots just run up the score even in a playoff game it’s just not that interesting either.

Afterwards, over to an intimate little braai for a couple of hours before heading home to get a good night’s sleep! It was fun, though: at one point we were talking about certain types of dreams. Turns out almost all of us have dreams about falling, two of us have dreams we can fly, three of the people had some weird dream about teeth falling out and trying to shove them back in (!!). Anyway, good stuff.

Today was a very chill day. Woke up pretty early, went to yoga then lunch at the Wellness Warehouse, followed by some work, then a massage that was half Thai massage and half sports massage. It is a bit annoying to have to spend so much time working my body to get it back to normal but it’s quite necessary. Spent some time after talking to the guy who runs the place. Poor thing works in a dark cave all day. On a day like today (a bit warm for me at around 32 degrees, I am probably going to die in the summer!) working in a cave sounds pretty attractive.

Overall, a nice lazy Sunday: just what I need to prepare for the week ahead!


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