Super 14 final, Springboks, and Camps Bay (again)

Saturday’s morning workout was “the bear.” After that, I felt like I could conquer the world. Instead, I took my roommate to the Old Biscuit Mill for lunch (mixed schwarma again … I couldn’t resist it!) and to stock up on meat since next weekend we are away and I wouldn’t be able to go shopping. I also bought a whole fish (red roman).

In the afternoon we didn’t really do much except walk down with a friend to pick up World Cup tickets. Now, THAT was a seamless process. Internet sales FTW, and FIFA wonders why … all right, that story has been told a million times already, never mind.

Today was this guy Ian’s 21st birthday and it also happened to be the date of the Super 14 rugby final between the local Stormers and the Pretoria Bulls. Blue Bulls, even. So I texted Ian and he and I headed to the local pub to catch the game. At this pub I drank a beer that tasted like the dregs from a popcorn machine. Well, it was a local microbrew so at least it was something different. Oh yeah and the Stormers lost, something about more than one movement in the first half when they nearly had a try (that’s kind of the equivalent of a touchdown in football), which meant they weren’t ever really very close. Might have been a different game had the score been tighter. But one Bull move that resulted in a try was quite something elegant to behold, I must say! As you might or might not imagine, the pub was SRO for the entire game. Kinda fun, though, to be in that environment.

Afterwards, we had a birthday dinner/going away dinner for someone who was leaving at Hudson’s burger joint on Kloof Street. I am pleased to report that I had my first real beer in South Africa at this restaurant! Hudson’s Pale Ale. Now I know where to go! The burgers were pretty good, too, even if it took forever to get them.

A party in Ian’s flat was quickly followed by a sojourn to Long Street. One highlight of the evening was one of our compatriots ordering something like 40 Springbok shots at one time. The mixed blessings of photographic evidence …

Sunday morning I slept in. It feels quite odd to sleep past 8am … as I am used to getting up at 6, or 8 on Saturday sleeping until 10 literally feels like I’m sleeping until noon. As there is not much to do on Sundays I cooked my fish, nursed my hangover, and drove a crew of people to the beach where I lay around reading for a bit. Nothing very interesting, but that’s a chill Sunday. Time to start branching out to different beaches, though … although I’m not convinced a more perfect beach exists. I can’t wait for October and Saturday morning beach workouts (ok, I may be getting a little obsessed).


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